Our Story

Why Serene Eco Village 

Serene Eco Village, as the name suggests fills serenity in your bones and being. The moment you enter the space you will be welcomed with huge green trees and calmness that will touch your soul. The melodious sounds of the innumerable birds will bring you close to the music within your hearts. The enchanting earthy smell of the soil will warmly embrace you. 


The property was bought by Dr Pravin Chordia in the year 2000. The entire land was barren then. The natural forest had been destroyed in spite of Sahyadri being a heavy rainfall region.
Dr Pravin Chordia and his family started reforestation in 2001 by planting some 2,50,000 trees.



This place is as serene as it can get. On a hill, with thousands of trees around, organic farms, lovely place to stay, homely healthy food and a place to learn from medicine free living from a professional doctor. A must attend residential program for all.

Vikram Mehmi,Pune

Dr chordia and his family has created this homely place where they share their passion for living harmony of the ecosystem. Serene eco-village was a wonderful and fascinating experience for me.

Sushil Bajpaya,Mumbai




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