Medicine Free Life

“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine” -William Osler

Steeped in this belief, Dr. Pravin Chordia designed the Medicine Free Life workshop. Dr. Pravin Chordia(MBBS, MS) is a learned surgeon and has practiced modern-day allopathic treatments for nearly 30 years for his patients.

Being in the profession for a long time he realized how they as doctors had turned into body fixing robots and had forgotten to communicate preventive measures to the patients.

Owning up these mistakes of the modern-day medical field, he chose to walk his talk by creating this Medicine Free Life workshop.

It is a 4-day workshop designed for the participant to experience the changes in oneself when living the healthy alternative lifestyle provided by MFL at Serene Eco Village.

It empowers the common man to understand his own body and be his DOCTOR. The course is an eye-opener for what medicines do to our body and provides an alternative regime.

It is an attempt to show people what holistic health means and the role of traditional food and environment in the same.

The course also includes dialogues and sessions on the science behind food and nutrition. It breaks many myths around diets and health. It educates people on how the anatomy of the human body works.

People who have been on medication (diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, gout, hyperacidity, obesity, heart patients) for years are put off medicines from Day 1 and experience the miracle of living a Medicine Free Life.

We experience the bliss of receiving lots of love and blessings for showing them the truth.


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