Our Story

Why Serene Eco Village

Serene Eco Village, as the name suggests fills serenity in your bones and being. The moment you enter the space you will be welcomed with huge green trees and calmness that will touch your soul. The melodious sounds of the innumerable birds will bring you close to the music within your hearts. The enchanting earthy smell of the soil will warmly embrace you.
Placed in the green laps of the Sahyadri range, the community strives to create a supportive social environment by integrating natural farming practices, alternative energy generation, sustainable living, green production and so much more.
It is an answer to the modern day problems that are plaguing us. The quality of our lives is constantly being degraded by increased air pollution, climate change, rising sea levels, rapid onset of flooding and droughts, soil erosion, animal extinction due to disrupted natural ecosystems and chemically poisoned food sources.
Traditional urban living has become a wasteful consumerist lifestyle with the destruction of natural habitats, urban sprawl, factory farming, and over-reliance on fossil fuels. These are trends that must be changed to avert ecological disaster.
The idea is to lead by example and thereby inspire and empower people to inculcate holistic habits in their lifestyles.


The property was bought by Dr Pravin Chordia in the year 2000. The entire land was barren then. The natural forest had been destroyed in spite of Sahyadri being a heavy rainfall region.
Dr Pravin Chordia and his family started reforestation in 2001 by planting some 2,50,000 trees. Some saplings were lost to grazing and fires, but this did not dishearten the family and they did not budge from their mission. They planted more trees.

More than 50, 000 trees make up the 45 acres of reforested land and it is still growing.
For a long time, Serene was only a family project, but then the family decided to open it up to the public as an agro tourism spot and share the benefits of being amidst Nature with more people.