Over 16 years,ex-surgeon reforests 45 acres of land.

Pune: At the turn of the millennium, former surgeon Pravin Chordia took a major life decision when he reforests a 110 acre of a piece of land in the Sahyadris.

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Slowly, Dr.Chordia began realigning himself and

his family with nature.

Some saplings were lost to grazing while some growing trees were destroyed in forest fires. But they relentlessly planted more saplings and continue to do so,

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It is a Perfect example of Rurbanisation.

He immensely interested organic farming was an advocate of organic food since a long time and was affiliated to the Maharashtra  Government for the same for more than 10 years.

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This Gorgeous Eco-Village is only 4 hours away from Mumbai.

Serene eco-village is calming gateway just 45 kms from Pune, nestled amidst the Sahyadri ranges. A project that was taken up by Dr.Chordia and his family.


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Life without Medicine. It’s an effort to spread awareness about Serene Eco Village & Medicine Free Life.

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Initially, when Deepika was trying to plant trees in the Serene Eco Village, it seemed even nature was trying to test her promise. And she was constantly supported by her husband who quit his job and dedicated himself in establishing Serene.


Serene Ecovillage

The village was founded by a medical doctor who decided to leave his practice, in order to return to the wild country landscape and create a sustainable form of living off of the land.

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