We believe in living a Nature centric lifestyle and like to encourage and support people to walk this path

The following are the various practices undertaken at Serene Eco Village to form an efficient commune and system to incur minimum burden on Mother Nature.

Organic Farming


We have around 40+ veggies,30+ plus herbs and 20+ fruits which are grown naturally and organically.

Our primary focus is Reforestation but we like to grow some of our food too.

People who come to Serene join us in the gardening and the produce from these gardens are used in our kitchen for all our delicious fresh meals.

Do you believe that healthy food is not tasty?

Please visit us to break that notion for you and be ready to taste some mouth-watering delicacies. We use no refined oil, salt, flour and sugar.

Water Management

We have rainwater harvesting systems installed on the campus to ensure using the harvested water (around 7 lakh litres) for our daily chores during the monsoon. This enables us to use less fuel and other energy to draw water from the water body and thereby make water easily available for our plants and trees. There are Continuous Contour Trenches in the forest area that prevent soil erosion and help in groundwater percolation.

Waste Management

We try to keep Serene as a plastic-free zone. We provide eco-friendly products for daily chores like washing and bathing. Yet whatever plastic finds its way to the campus is reused. The wet waste is provided as fodder for the cows or is composted as manure.


The different materials used for construction are laterite bricks, hand-cut stones carved by traditional local masons available in the region, mud, bamboo and structures like the geodesic dome.

The laterite bricks help maintain the room temperature. They are cool in summers and warm in winters. The mud houses have a cool soothing effect and ensure high energy levels.

Plant Nursery

We have a plant nursery that has many exotic medicinal herbs. The nursery is nourished and maintained by the local villagers here.

Are you suffering from some illness?

Let us know and we will open our pandora box of “Dadimaa ke nuske” and help you heal.

The saplings of all the below mentioned plants are available for sale.


  1. कोरफड (Aloe vera): Skin Care and Stomach Ailments
  2. गवती चहा (Lemon Grass): Herbal tea, Jadui Kadha, Mosquito repellent, Pain Relief.